Gimu review


GIMU is a Brazilian sound artist responsible for ‘Gone Again, Haunted Again’ which plonked through me door on cassette via Aurora Borealis Records. Whereas I suggested Harvestman to be a terrestrial experience, Gimu is intent on launching the listener away from the earthly and into expansive otherworldly dimensions. Vast reverb soaked sonic vistas skirt celestial thresholds, with largely synthetic pads and swells carrying the listener lazily within endless and expanding dark spaces. This release for me symbolises escapism and meditation, though there is a hint of bleakness that prevails largely I suspect due to a feeling of insignificance of self in such endless soundscapes. The track and album titles for me suggest much negative emotion, ‘Mercy is a Dead Word’ and ‘It’s Gone Wrong Again’ though in reality the music evokes quite the sense of hope. Quite the trip.


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