Revisited: Knives Ov Resistance


Knives Ov ResistancePrisca Sapientia‘ abx015

“An end-times opus, inspired by John Dee and Karlheinz Stockhausen and their quests to find the hidden truths of the universe, through schismatic means. Knives ov Resistance entreat the choruses of Enochian angels – to the human ear, this resembles Popol Vuh’s scores for Werner Herzog, or a more restrained Godspeed You Black Emperor”


Been listening to this again recently and it sounds incredibly fresh. Originally released as a CD in fold over PVC wallet with 12 panel fold out sleeve on kraft paper, this has been out of print for a while.

There was always something incredibly enigmatic about this release. The esoteric elements in the artwork, the repeated black panels, the collage of guitar work with samples, found sounds, disembodied voices. It still has a gravitas to it all these year later. One of my favourites in the back catalogue.

Listen to it here.



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