Anji Cheung ‘ Daughter of Fortitude’ review at Plaguehaus


Nice esoterically minded review of our very own A.C’s opus ‘Daughter of Fortitude’ over on Plaguehaus.

“Side A begins with ‘Sky the Blackness of the Pupil of My Eye’. A trance-inducing, pulsing bass line sets things in motion, beckoning all participants to the genesis of The Ritual. A gentle, feminine voice drifts in and out, wordless, an aural frankincense filling the room. Crisp waves of static twist and roll, nothing too harsh, like a sea of burning tinder, smoldering in the distance. Subtle percussion, the gently tap of a cymbal keeps the procession moving. Mesmerizing and sublime, it finishes leaving all devotees wanting more.”

““440” emerges as a phosphorescent shimmering through the dark. This immediately brought to mind the works of the great 70’s Berlin School musicians like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze. A pulsating flight through space, I could listen to this on repeat for hours.”

Suffice to say, the Plaguehaus says yes.

Read the full review for some insights into the background of some of the the tracks and themes. Check it out HERE.


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