Anji Cheung ‘Daughter of Fortitude’ review in The Quietus

The initial pressing of this tape by London’s ritualistic drone-meister Anji Cheung sold out in under 24 hours, so Aurora Borealis Recordings have seen fit to offer up a second pressing. Along with her Hypatia tape out via Belgian imprint Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., Daughter Of Fortitude continues to document Cheung’s drone structures blossoming from their relatively lo-fidelity and guitar-focused past into a broader palette. Cheung’s ability to imbue her soundscapes with an intense sense of dread is stronger than ever here, particularly on 11 minute opener ‘Skry The Blackness Of The Pupil Of My Eye’. Over a murky bed of hypnotic medium paced beats, an endless squall of guttural guitar is guided through a long-suffering amplifier. Besides the deep kick drums, there’s wind-like hiss and grinding high pitched tones too. The quieter next track introduces mumbled voices and stereo shifting brushing sounds, and ‘He Whom The Winds Fear’ mostly features a weirdo priest holding mass in a church of reverb and rumbling calm tones, threatening to lurch back into vaster walls of noise any minute. Later in the ‘440’ adds in some actually pretty pleasant synth pulsations, and closer ’The Nothing Of Night’ manages to be intensely beautiful despite being so quiet and vacant. Anji Cheung is very aptly due to support Stephen O’Malley and Peter Rehberg’s KTL at St. John on Bethnal Green Church in February, so Londoners would be well advised to both attend and pick up a physical copy of this while you’re at it.”

 Purchase a copy HERE.

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